Trouville and its surrounding area

Trouville sur Mer is one of the most beautiful destinations on the Normandy coast and an ideal starting point for exploring our region.


You’ll be able to enjoy its beach of fine sand lined with beautiful villas from the 1900s, stroll the narrow streets with their rows of fishermen’s cottages, go to the fish market along the fishing harbour, choose one of the numerous brasseries and restaurants, discover the Casino or the thalassotherapy centre…



Deauville is within two minutes via a small ferry 100 m from the hotel. You’ll be able to discover its grand shops, its famous boardwalk (les planches) along the beach and also the magnificent Villa Stassburger.



Honfleur is only 15 km or so from Les 2 Villas. You’ll be able to discover its picturesque old harbour surrounded by numerous brick or slate-clad houses, painted so many times by artists such as Courbet, Boudin, Monet…who contributed to the birth of the Impressionist movement.


La Côte fleurie

Les 2 Villas is the ideal starting point to discover the coast named after its flowers. One after the other, you’ll be able to discover the wonderful sea resorts of Deauville, Villers sur Mer, Houlgate and Cabourg. You’ll be delighted by the long walks along the beach, the lively shopping streets and the magnificent architecture of the villas set within flower gardens.


La Route du Cidre

From Trouville itself, go for a 40 kilometre-drive through the Pays d’Auge and visit its numerous villages: Cambremer, Beuvron en Auge, Crèvecœur en Auge, Livarot, Pont l’Evêque…

You’ll be enchanted by the richness of the landscape, the picturesque timber-framed buildings, the magnificent manors and stud farms. Drop in at the local producers and discover and taste their home produce: cheeses, cider, calvados, pommeau (apéritif mixing apple juice and calvados) perry, jams…



Discover Etretat, one hour only from Les 2 Villas. After driving over the majestic Normandy bridge, you’ll be able to discover the Côte d’Albatre, spectacular with its huge white chalk cliffs, its beaches of black pebbles and its paths overhanging the Channel.


D-Day landing beaches from Trouville

Discover the D-Day landing beaches in order to better understand the history of the biggest amphibious and airborne operation of all times which enabled France to be freed during World War II. You’ll be able to visit Sword Beach, Juno Beach, Gold Beach, Utah Beach as well as the American, German and British cemeteries and complete your trip with the visit of the Mémorial de Caen museum.


Mont Saint Michel from Trouville

Discover the Mont Saint Michel situated less than 2 hours from Les 2 Villas. With its summit culminating at 170 m above sea level, it is a monumental jewel listed as a Historical Monument. Classed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1979, the Mont Saint Michel thus remains a tourist attraction not to be missed.



The changing mood and the light of the Norman skies offer the parks and gardens of our region an amazing diversity that we propose you to discover.



Do you like to learn, to contemplate and to amaze you? We invite you to discover our museums.